With the inspiring success story of Ambey Group in the FMCG market, the company has successfully diversified to agricultural solutions ranging from a wide variety of formulations of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, weedicides and fungicides.

The company boasts of a manufacturing unit which is the second largest in India for sodium salt. It also manufactures technical products and is venturing towards the formulation of these products for OEMs like TATA and UPL, while launching an owned brand in the Agro Market.

Also, in the agrochemicals segment, the group’s target markets span across varied cereal crop plantations like wheat, rice and sugarcane in India and markets in South East Asia, South America, Africa and Australia. While the group is helped by a network of external trade agents based in UK, UAE and Thailand, the infrastructure boasts of manufacturing capacities up to 10000 MT per year.

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