Ambey Group has built up an Infrastructure which is robust enough to handle not just the present requirements, but also geared up for the very dynamic future.

Globally located Manufacturing facilities with huge capacities share best practices and efficient supply chain mechanisms, while widely distributed offices ensure our customers always have company representatives just a call away.

Widely Located Presence:

-   1 Manufacturing Unit for Agrochemicals in Rajasthan
-   2 Cement Plants in Nepal
-   Offices in Delhi, Ethiopia and Nepal
-   Agent offices in UK, Malaysia, China


-   10000 Tons/Year of Agrochemicals
-   Expansion from 10000 Tons/Year to 20000 Tons/Year of Agrochemicals in 2 years
-   Distribution of Agrochemicals in Africa and South America
-   Proposed 500000 Tons/Year of Cement