Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

I thank you for expressing interest in Ambey Group, which is more than a conglomerate of businesses for us. Though we at, Ambey, are adding value to sectors across Industries such as FMCG, Agrochemicals and Cement at both national and global levels, our efforts are manifestations of a much deeper vision for us.

A vision, whose essence is captured elegantly by a statement – “To Globalize and Diversify Towards Higher Wealth Creation“. A vision which is deeply ingrained in the culture at Ambey, and within the mindset of every member of its team. Thus, we are inspired to create value not just for our customers, but for all our stakeholders including our employees, partners and equally importantly, the larger environment we operate in. This last segment also motivates us to get involved in a host of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

To fulfill the above, we have acquired capable resources including robust infrastructure, a worldwide network and a strong workforce.

Thus, I invite you to experience an even deeper relationship with us. I am certain it will lead to a highly sustainable growth, and carry you Towards Higher Success.

Yours Truly,

Anil Gupta

Chairman and Managing Director
Ambey Group